About Ascot Bathroomware

About Ascot Bathroomware


Since its conception over 30 years ago, Ascot Bathroomware has been the source of thousands of elegant and practical bathroom, kitchen and laundry solutions. At Ascot Bathroomware, we acknowledge the difficulties involved with choosing the right fittings and fixtures for your home...

From our humble beginnings of providing bathroom supplies to our local community, our company has now grown into a multifaceted supplier of bathroom, kitchen, laundry and tiling products to customers all over Australia.

By using some of the most innovative brands in design mixed with superb craftsmanship in build, Ascot Bathroomware continues to lead the way in providing its customers with a realistic means of creating their highly desired bathroom.

Through a combination of style and practicality, Ascot Bathroomware will inspire you to build your dream bathroom, bringing your family bathroom to life.

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Inspired by European innovation and beauty
Whether you’re looking to make a statement with your bathroom, add some elegance to your kitchen or improve the aesthetics of your laundry, Ascot Bathroomware has already imagined it. By maintaining a careful eye in ensuring that our entire range of products is in line with a modern and contemporary finish, you will never need to worry about being stranded for design ideas or choice of options.

Sticking to our values

  • - Innovative
  • - Professional
  • - Stylish
  • - Reliable
  • - Affordable