Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom vanity units can dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, helping to raise the look and feel of any space they’ reinstalled in. At Ascot Bathroomware, we proudly offer stunning bathroom vanities in Canterbury and surrounding south-eastern suburbs in Melbourne, as well as other locations across Australia thanks to our extensive range of vanities online. As one of the best retailers and suppliers, we stock a range of options in different styles, allowing you to choose a unit that complements your existing bathroom. Whether you want freestanding bathroom vanity units or wall hung vanity units in Melbourne, we have no shortage of quality options for you to choose from.


Quite often, bathroom vanity units are one of the most prominent stylistic focal points for any bathroom. Their presence and appearance both have the ability to either complement or go against all design aspects of your bathroom. Having this much influence in the bathroom, it’s critical that you spend an appropriate amount of time selecting and investing in the right freestanding or wall mount vanity.

You may want a freestanding bathroom vanity that provides a classic and timeless look with lots of storage, or you might prefer wall mounted vanity units that are easy to clean. A wall hung bathroom vanity is also an excellent choice if you wish to create a sense of spaciousness. Whatever option for opt for, Ascot Bathroomware can provide a solution that leaves you feeling satisfied with the outcome. Explore our range of bathroom vanity units online or at our showroom to discover the countless stylish options we have available.


Once you’ve chosen the size of your vanity, you can choose from the styles we have available. Popular choices are usually between a freestanding vanity and wall mount vanity. Choosing the right vanity will produce the desired ambience in your bathroom, which is vital for design and composition success.

Make Ascot Bathroomware your first choice for bathroom vanity units, including wall hung vanities in Melbourne and more. Browse our range and buy a bathroom vanity online, or drop into our store located on Canterbury Road in Heathmont. You can also call our team on (03) 9720 6699 or enquire online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.