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5 Design Tips for a Modern Bathroom

For any home, the bathroom is the main focal point. It’s often the room that will leave a lasting impression and interestingly enough, it’s also one of the most frequented rooms. It’s therefore essential that the right steps are taken in achieving a bathroom design that is elegant, modern and inviting. When it comes to modern bathroom designs, it’s very important to consider all aspects of the bathroom. This includes tiles, tapware, fittings, colour scheme, vanities, materials and accessories. Below we’ve listed some great design tips that can be used in any modern bathroom renovation.

Tip #1: Use Panels, Not Tiles

Panels are becoming increasingly popular throughout many modern bathroom designs. The initial cost outlay for panels is generally higher than tiles, however over a longer period of time, this investment will begin to pay off. Not only will panels provide your bathroom with a fresh and modern look, but they also require very minimal ongoing maintenance when it comes to cleaning and grouting.

Tip #2: Pick Your Colour Scheme Accordingly

What will stick out most in any bathroom is the colour scheme. A lot of thought needs to go into style and a suitable colour pallet so your bathroom can achieve that modern and elegant look and feel. The correctly chosen colour scheme can also play a major role in providing your bathroom with the illusion of having more space. To make your bathroom appear larger than it is, use light colour schemes and glossy finishes. Not only are these options used in most modern bathroom designs, they also play a significant role in the overall feel and concept of the room.

Tip #3: Use Earthy Coloured Vanity & Bench Tops

Granite, stone and marble have been a popular choice in bathroom vanity tops for quite some time now. Over recent years however, they have become increasingly popular in many modern bathrooms. If your budget doesn’t allow for these products, you can always use an alternative such as faux marble. Faux marble is sometimes better than the original stone as they don’t stain easily and nor do they retain water. This makes maintenance and cleaning a whole lot easier.

Tip #4: Floating Vanities Are The Way To Go

If deciding upon which vanity to fit your bathroom with, you should highly consider a floating vanity. Not only do they allow for extra storage by providing a small gap at the base, but they also reward your bathroom with extra design points. A floating vanity will give your bathroom more space and it’ll also help to truly define it as being a well-designed and modern bathroom.

Tip #5: Make Sure Your Fittings Fit

When it’s time to select the fittings for your bathroom, ensure that they compliment the design flow of the room. If you’ve used soft, curved edges for your vanity and towel racks, then consider a squared-off finish for your fittings to help fill the room with a new degree of sophistication.

When embarking on a modern bathroom renovation journey, you should always bear in mind that there are almost an unlimited amount of options for you to choose from. Within saying that, a modern bathroom needs to have refinement, cohesion and style. It’s the balance of all these three elements that truly defines and creates that modern feel. For more information on creating that sleek, modern bathroom you’ve always wanted, you can also try speaking with one of our bathroom design experts. They’ll be able to assist you with choosing the right products and materials to suit your ambitions and budget.