5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Small Bathroom

5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Small Bathroom

Selecting Appropriate Colours and Textures

It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the type of colour you’d like your bathroom to be. Once you know this, be sure to stick to a scheme. When it comes to adding a pattern on the floor, be mindful not to stray from the tones of the wall tiling. Any conflicts between these two elements could leave your space feeling a little overwhelming.

Coordinating Fixtures and Tapware

When it comes to selecting the right fixtures for your bathroom you need to consider the feel that you’re after. In general, if you select more square-shaped fixtures, you will give your bathroom more of a modern and conservative feel whereas more natural and organic shapes will leave the bathroom feeling a little more adventurous and ‘not as planned’. Maintain a resolved design feel and try to keep the style of the fixtures inline with the style of the tapware and accessories.

Don’t Compromise When it comes to Counter Space

One thing that you’ll never regret in your newly renovated bathroom is having enough counter space. Be very selective when choosing an appropriate sized basin as well as tapware as you want to ensure that you have enough counter space. As well as being extremely useful, having a good amount of counter space will further add to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Ditch the Shower Door

Unless you have an abundance of space in your bathroom, we would highly recommend avoiding installing a shower door. From a functionality perspective, shower doors tend to get in the way. Whether they’re blocking off the toilet or hitting against the wall, shower doors should be avoided if possible. Instead, we would suggest using a single glassed panel. It’ll add space to your shower by giving you more elbowroom and it also looks extremely nice.

Accessorise and Decorate

When it comes to adding the final touches on your newly renovated bathroom, using the right decoration is a must! By adding a small bamboo plant to your countertop, or even a gorgeous infuser near the window, you can dramatically improve the visual quality of your bathroom. When accessorising, be sure to always stay true to your bathroom’s scheme though. Although it can look amazing to add in a minor accessory that goes against the design flow of the bathroom, however if you get this wrong, your newly renovated bathroom won’t receive the beauty points that it deserves.

Renovating your small bathroom should be something that is fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when starting out. As we mentioned earlier, there are copious amounts of things to consider when designing your small bathroom.

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