5 tips for a stress free bathroom renovation

5 tips for a stress free bathroom renovation

Tip #1 - Research and Get Cost Estimates

Before even considering a budget, you should first research and see what you’re in for. This will help you determine what your budget should be, and the overally scale of your bathroom renovation. You might discover that the bathroom design you were looking to achieve is going to be too expensive, and you may have to delay it. A bathroom renovation doesn’t need to be something that will break the bank, you can always find useful tips and recommendations for keeping costs down on our blog, as well as across the internet. You may also need to visit various bathroom supply centres so you can get a feel for the types of accessories, tiles, features and décor that you want.

Tip #2 - Set a Realistic Budget

Once you’ve had a look at some general prices, it’s time to set a firm budget. When setting your budget be sure to factor in additional extras like delays with trades or product delivery, unforeseen repairs (cracks, plumbing etc.), builder/plumber fees etc. If you can clearly identify where your money will be going and how much money you’re allocating then you’ll be able to better understand what a realistic budget is for you. The last thing that you want is to be in debt due to a poorly planned budget. Always plan for the unplannable, and have generous padding around your budget so that if you need to spend a little bit more than expected, you’re ready and able to do so.

Tip #3 - Working With Trades

One extremely important thing that is overlooked by many renovating their bathroom is the need to work with various trades. Although you’re just renovating one room, chances are that you’ll need the assistance of a qualified plumber, builder and possibly even an electrician. Knowing the types of trades you’re going to use becomes crucial in the planning phase as you’ll need to ensure that they’re all available during the time you plan to renovate. You should also try to put contingency plans in place for any delays. For example, if the plumber is delayed with connecting pipes to the new basin, this could potentially delay the trades that follow. By preempting this, you can schedule your tradespeople so they’re not directly one after the other. Through researching the required trades and the expected time that they’ll require, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress when the project commences.

Tip #4 - Always Allow For Extra Time

Whilst your bathroom renovation is underway you need to allocate extra time to have the job completed. This will cover things such as delays in plumbing and building applications, delays in sourcing the décor of your choice and delays due to mistakes made by the tradesmen. Although a bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be something that will take too long, you need to be prepared to wait a little longer for if something was to go wrong.

Tip #5 - Preparing For Dust & Other Mess

Although your bathroom renovation is happening in a separate room to the rest of your house, you still need to be prepared for dust to fill other rooms. By preparing yourself for this you can remain calm when you find yourself vacuuming every couple of days to remove the dust that’s caught up in your blinds, in your carpet, and on the surfaces around your home. The best approach to this would be to try and remove as much dust as you can during renovation works, but don’t be disheartened if the dust keeps coming back.

What you can do to minimise the impact of dust on the rest of your home after the renovation process is complete is to hire a professional cleaner.

If you plan your bathroom renovation with the above tips in mind, there is no need to suffer the stresses that you might feel. A bathroom renovation is a major footstep in your home’s future so be sure to give it the necessary attention so you can enjoy the finished product once everything is complete.