5 Top Grey Bathroom Design Tips for 2018

5 Top Grey Bathroom Design Tips for 2018

Tip 1 – Create the illusion of more space

Even before getting started on the colouring options for your grey bathroom, it’s important to think about the way you can make your bathroom look bigger. Did you know that by simply placing larger tiles on the wall that your bathroom will have the illusion of appearing bigger than it actually is? By selecting tiles around the 20cm x 40cm mark you will notice straight away the difference they can make on the perceived size of your bathroom. Furthermore, if you invest in larger-sized tiles, there will be less grout to clean (which is always a good thing).

Tip 2 – Don’t choose white grout

Instead of going with standard white grout, have a look at some light grey options. Not only will this help add to the impact of your grey bathroom, but it’ll mean that dirty grout won’t stand out as much. Remember not to go too dark with the grout though as you will begin to see the grout.

Tip 3 – Tile textures

For nailing that sleek finish, you really want to be using tiles that have a concrete effect and a matte finish. By incorporating these two effects, you will notice a large improvement on having that contemporary and modern feeling flow throughout your grey bathroom.

Tip 4 – Think about your accessories

It’s important to keep your style uniform. Don’t break the sophistication of your new grey bathroom by settling for just any type of bathroom accessories. Try to find the ones that compliment the overall mood and colour scheme of the room.

Tip 5 – Throw some white in there

If you plan on having a tub, then consider making it white, deep and not having anything to break-up its colour. By installing a shiny white tub in your new grey bathroom, you are adding to the overall elegance and sleekness that one will be greeted with. The same effect can also be achieved by using a shiny, white basin.

Being a very suave trend for 2018, it’s really important not to ‘over do’ your grey bathroom. Just like any other neutral colour, grey can easily wash out a room. It’s crucial that you get your tones, combinations and accessories right so that you don’t turn your grey bathroom design piece into just another grey room.