5 Smart Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom on a Budget

5 Smart Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Tip 1 – Replace Your Vanity

As soon as someone enters your bathroom, their attention is normally directed at your vanity. For that reason it’s crucial that you consider updating your existing vanity to something newer, modern and appealing. Hung vanities are very popular this season and for less than $1,000 you can purchase a quality hung vanity to go with the rest of your bathroom.

Tip 2 – Replace Your Shower Screen/ Curtain

If you have one of those old shower curtains in your bathroom, then it’s time to say goodbye (this also extends to any outdated shower screens). By investing in a gorgeous, frameless shower screen or even semi-frameless, you can add modern visual characteristics to your bathroom, upgrading the overall feel of the space. Frameless shower screen not your preference? Even by upgrading the shower screen in your home to something that's a little more modern, or in key with the new vanity you've just added to your bathroom, you'll carry on the modern look and feel to the rest of the bathroom.

Tip 3 – Update The Fittings

Small, subtle, but yet majorly overlooked, changing the fittings in your bathroom will create a new overall feel for the room. Be sure to select fittings that go with the rest of the bathroom. Make sure to consider your colour scheme, intended style, and your bathroom tiles when selecting the appropriate fittings. Matte black and silver fittings are in trend at the moment, and work well with modern bathroom designs

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Tip 4 – Replacing, Re-grouting or Re-painting Your Tiles

Your bathroom's colour scheme and overall style is what sets the first impression. A large contributor to this is your tiles. Not only will they contribute to the colour scheme, but they also contribute to the overall feel of your bathroom. For those reasons, it’s imperative that you have them either replaced, re-grouted or re-painted. The reason we’ve given you three options is so you can decide depending on what you’re budget will allow. If you've added a modern vanity, or other style-specific piece to your bathroom, you'll need to have that new addition follow-on through the rest of your bathroom.

If your budget allows it, replace your tiles with something more specific to what your trying to achieve with your bathroom, however if this isn't the case, there are plenty of options for you. You can get your tiles re-painted, which we talk about in this article on Bathroom DIY tips for beginners.

Replacing your tiles and using larger tiles to fit with the room would be the best option. However, we understand that if your budget doesn’t allow for this then you can always re-paint your tiles (this only works for the wall tiles though, as floor tiles are best replaced).If you’re happy with the colour and size of your tiles, then simply have them cleaned and re-grouted, which will leave them practically as good as new.

Tip 5 – Get Some Nice Bathroom Décor

This last tip is possibly the most fun of them all.To give your bathroom its final touches, you should look at getting some gorgeous, yet affordable décor.Be sure to select décor and accessories that match your bathroom’s style.When shopping around look for things like toilet paper holders, toilet brush holders, soap dishes, towel rings, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders.For less than $500 you will be able to find yourself enough accessories to leave your bathroom looking complete and stunning.

When renovating or revamping your bathroom on a budget it’s important to research and shop-around for quality buys.As we mentioned earlier, your bathroom is one of the major focal points in your home, so investing the necessary time and money in making it look immaculate will always be worth it.From the above tips, we’ve shown you that it is possible to have your bathroom looking its finest without spending an uncomfortably large amount of money.