Picking the Right Bathroom Décor & Accessories

Picking the Right Bathroom Décor & Accessories

Before you start renovating, think of the overall feel

Before even deciding on towel racks, tapware or even accessories, first have a good think about what you’d like the overall feel of the bathroom to be. Have you imagined a bathroom that is contemporary and modern, or perhaps you’ve envisioned something that is more laid back and tropical? Whichever style you’ve dreamt of your bathroom to be, it’s always best to keep this in mind before you begin to accessories and decorate the room.

Think about the key features of these styles, and shortlist some concepts that you really like the look of. Try to break the style down, as this will educate you on what each component adds to the space, and how you can a replicate the same effect in your own bathroom.

Where to start?

A good starting place is usually with the larger bathroom accessories. These include tapware, sinks, towel racks and mirrors. When selecting these items, be sure that the style of them is congruent with the rest of the room. Once you’ve chosen these accessories, you’ll have set the tone for the rest of the accessories that follow.

Don’t forget about the little guys …

So, you’ve gone through your bathroom, the tapware has been chosen, you’re happy with the vanity, and the towel rack compliments the ambience of the room. What’s next? It’s time to consider the smaller items which actually help to create the larger picture. Choosing things like soap dishes, toilet paper holders and soap dispensers is not a decision that should be made hastily.

When selecting the smaller accessories like we’ve mentioned above, it’s imperative that you consider the shape, size, colour, texture and material. You generally can’t go wrong with matching all these items by choosing colours and/or patterns that all fall within the same palette. For those feeling a little more adventurous though, you can always try to throw in an ‘accent’ accessory, material or colour that purposely goes against the desired style. This abrupt change in design is something which can really set your bathroom apart.

Consistency is Key

As you’ve worked through your bathroom step by step, it’s important that you don’t compromise on any of the final little accessories that you add to your bathroom. Having something like a reed diffuser that doesn’t match the rest of the bathroom can stand out like a sore thumb, and make the space feel disjointed and confused.

Always refer to the big picture and your style boards before making any final decisions on décor and bathroom accessory selections. You might find a towel rack that looks like it would fit in with the rest of the bathroom, but find that it actually match the tapware at all.

Now then, the rest is up to you! Hopefully, you’ve been able to take away some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right accessories and décor for your bathroom. As long as you ensure that you allow yourself to take your time when it comes to selecting and piecing together the bathroom style that you wish to create, you’ll be able to select the right pieces, and really bring the space back to life.